Rebranding Canada, One Word at a Time

First off, I would like to ask you, the reader, to yield a moment and bethink Jack Layton or Google his legacy. Mr. Layton was one of Canada’s a lot of admirable political leaders. Sadly, he absent his action with blight at the age of 61. During his political career Mr. Layton’s cast became instantly identifiable with the colour orange and anyone who sported a mustache. Mr. Layton was affectionately referred to as “Jack” by a lot of citizens. He exuded a bulk of absolute attributes Canadians are accepted for. In the endure acclamation Mr. Layton’s New Democratic Party became the official action in Parliament and marginalized both the Liberal and Bloc Quebecois. Maybe the acme of his success was a appeal from Canadians to aberrate from conservatism, but added importantly, political cynicism. Oddly enough, Jack’s acclaimed persona ties aback into addition accountable I like to altercate – Canada’s attenuate rebranding efforts.

Does anyone apperceive if Dr. Frank Luntz was commissioned by the Canadian Government in contempo times? I’m not tooting the horn here, but these Canucks are accepting absolutely acceptable at semantics in branding. Recently, the Conservative government appear the renaming of its Naval & Air Force. “Back to Royal,” they proclaimed. In my apprehensive opinion, it was a ablaze move.

I anticipate it was almost in the backward sixties if the Liberals in ability removed “Royal” from the Canadian Air Force & Navy. Some veterans at the time became outraged. Speaking to my WWII adept associate fabricated this clearer to me. He said, “Valour,” “Heritage” and “Honour” is what the “Royal” appellation stood for. And who knows, maybe accepting this appellation helped them accumulate their acceptance during acrid times.

The official altercation is that the Canadian Government wants to reestablish ties with Royalty anytime back Kate and William brought about renewed absorption in the Monarchy/England. But really, it’s added about Canada announcement an “iron fist,” as my acquaintance put it. Imagine a roundtable altercation at the United Nations. The U.S. looks over to China and says, “So did you guys hear? Canada’s Navy is now alleged the Royal Canadian Navy.” China smirks and replies, “Ooo, I’m algidity in my boots.” Followed by “Wait, so are they accumulating a new anatomy of aristocratic soldiers?”

Semantics is apperception fornication. And you apperceive what. It works! Just anticipate of Mr. Luntz. He afflicted “Global Warming” to “Climate Change” and chock-full a lot of humans from accepting a afraid breakdown. Mr. Luntz aswell afflicted “Oil Drilling,” to “Energy Exploration.” We’re not traveling to Mars, but it sounds a lot nicer doesn’t it? The “Royal” rebranding is not the alone affair the Conservative government has been up to. Let’s not overlook the “Harmonized Sales Tax.” Or the new citizenship chiral the Globe & Mail is analytical about. Apparently, any newcomers adulatory to agreement adherence to Canada accept to internalize alternating references to Canada’s ties with the absolution and aggressive glory. Not a botheration though, new immigrants bringing notable basic from Asia adulation this getting – ancestry and what not. Canada’s character renaissance is one of the abounding affidavit we accept the brand of a Shangri-La abode getting congenital in city Toronto. Establishing Canada as an economically/militaristically safe anchorage ensures added investors in the years to come. Whether or not Canada will accept the basement to abutment the arrival of these adopted investors is addition question.

Ok. Less anguish and doom. Accepting said all the above, I adopt to accomplishment this commodity on a absolute note. Jack Layton larboard us with these departing words of wisdom. “My friends, adulation is bigger than anger. Hope is bigger than fear. Optimism is bigger than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we’ll change the world.”